Ford shakes up the diesel emissions with new alternative fuels

A war has been waging over particulate emissions and the production of NOx in diesel fuel with Governments and environmental groups getting involved, all despite the best efforts of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) in promoting the efficiency and cleanliness of modern diesel powered engines. However, Ford thinks it may have cracked diesel fuel emissions on the head…

According to DieselCar magazine, the vehicle manufacturing giant is developing near zero particulate emission diesel fuels at the company’s Research and Advanced Engineering Centre in Aachen, Germany. The 3.5 million euro programme is co-founded by the German Government, and will take place over the next three years.

This spells good news for the diesel industry, in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal in particular. The new fuels are almost 100% compatible with existing engine technologies, so there’s very little that needs to be done to allow diesel engines to run on the new fuel, except a slight change to the injection system. The injection system that will be used is a modified diesel common rail system that has been developed by Denso. This means that the injection system’s seals and tank will require replacing.

You can read the full article on DieselCar by clicking here.

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