Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Colchester Fuel Injection offer a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning service on site in Haven Road Colchester.

The cleaning service also includes Diesel Oxidising Catalysts (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) units.

Our service covers applications from passenger car, light commercial vehicle, truck, bus, plant and agricultural machinery.

DPF, DOC and SCR are all components of the exhaust after treatment system which can differ from manufacturer to application.

The exhaust after treatment system is designed to remove harmful  particulate matter from diesel engine emissions.

A vehicle fitted with any or all of these components must have fully efficient engine combustion and the ability to duplicate the required driving cycles, for the exhaust after treatment process to be successful.

If the process cannot be carried out automatically on the vehicle it is likely an engine management or DPF warning light will appear on the dashboard of the vehicle.

A diagnostic tool is then required to force a regeneration of the system by communicating with the vehicle electronic control unit ( ECU ). For a forced regeneration to take place the ECU must be able to get the engine and exhaust system up to sufficient temperature that is hot enough ( approximately 600 degrees Celsius ) to burn the soot deposits from the filter. If the vehicle has a separate upstream issue the ECU may not allow a forced regeneration to take place.

When a filter can no longer be forced to regenerate the DPF will then require removing to be cleaned by a specialist or replaced at considerable cost. Other vehicle issues such as a leaking injector, faulty glow plugs, blocked EGR valve, faulty turbocharger, incorrect oil ( or oil quality ) can also cause a filter to become blocked. In our own vehicle workshop we have the capability to diagnose and repair the route course of a DPF blockage as well as remove for cleaning and refit. We can therefore offer a complete solution to our customers for both on and off vehicle DPF diagnostics, cleaning and repair.

Our express DPF cleaning service includes collection by one of our fleet of vans or a national courier, full cleaning of the unit including a report and return delivery. We also offer a while you wait service for any units delivered direct to our Parts Department. Our DPF Cleaning machine gives us the opportunity to offer a fully certified cost effective solution for blocked DPF, DOC and SCR units. Feel free to contact us for any further information.