Ford shakes up the diesel emissions with new alternative fuels

A war has been waging over particulate emissions and the production of NOx in diesel fuel with Governments and environmental groups getting involved.

Why you should use Delphi Diesel+ fuel additive as part of your service

In order to improve diesel engine performance, reduce emissions, and ensure preventative maintenance of a fuel system, Col Fuel recommends the addition of Delphi Diesel+, an effective fuel system conditioner. When used as part of your service, this small bottle offers big benefits, giving your customers the high performance and low fuel consumption they expect from their diesel engine, and…

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Mercedes invests 2.6 billion in new diesel engine series

Mercedes-Benz has recently revealed that the company will be launching a 2.6 billion euro series of diesel car engines this March, further cementing the company’s investment in the future of diesel technology. According to, the revamped E-Class will feature a four-cylinder engine offering 80% lower nitrogen-oxide emissions, and will consume 13% less fuel than the previous version. Bernard Heil,…

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