The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has published figures stating that 53% of all new car and light commercial vehicle registrations in the UK last year were diesel, with 50.3% of the overall car parc consisting of diesel vehicles.

Great news for diesel specialists

This is great news for diesel specialists, who are likely to enjoy increasing levels of business for the foreseeable future thanks to tough European Legislation stimulating the market. In fact, a recent article in the brilliant CAT magazine, suggested emission targets in Europe are driving diesel parts manufacturers to produce higher pressure and refined piezo injectors capable of making the cut.

According to the mag, Bosch predicts that 2000 bar injection pressures will continue to be in favour for some time, although 3000 bar injection systems will be seen on high performance diesels.

Changing technologies

Dr Markus Heyn, President of the Diesel Systems Division at Bosch, told CAT magazine’s Hemal Mistry: “With their increased pressure, the new piezo models are at the technological cutting edge. By optimising injection, fuel is more finely atomised and can be better burned. Moreover, advanced piezo injectors enable multiple injection compromising of up to ten cycles. This is important, as it will make complying with future emissions limits and further increasing possible engine performance.”

Denso also reported some exciting news to CAT magazine – announcing the launch of advanced injectors capable of generating higher pressures to meet Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards, and the development of a new, smarter common rail system. Denso’s latest system has been tweaked with I-ART (intelligent accuracy refinement technology) using a built-in pressure sensor that monitors and adapts the injection pattern per combustion in each cylinder. The system can produce pressures up to an impressive 2500 bar.

Leading car manufacturers including Toyota and Volvo are at the forefront of pioneering technology in new vehicle development, ensuring that similar trends will become commonplace within the industry.

What does this mean for diesel specialists?

According to CAT magazine – and we agree – the aftermarket shouldn’t be daunted by these advancements in technology as manufacturers insist that it’s more a matter of fine-tuning than large-scale overhaul.

Of course, CFI is keeping up to date with all of the innovations in diesel technology, and are ready to support our clients. It’s exciting stuff, so stay tuned and look out for our updates!