Are your customers’ vehicles suffering from the following problems:

  • Excessive smoke?
  • Increase in fuel consumption?


Have you recently repaired injectors for customers? Excessive smoke and fuel use are classic symptoms of a non-genuine injector repair. The inaccurate opening of a non-genuine nozzle, combined with the inability of a non-authorized repair to generate a calibration code, causes an increase in fuel consumption. As well as costing your valued customers wasted money on fuel, the burning of the excess fuel could cause an increase in exhaust smoke. The result? Very unhappy customers that are likely to go to a rival service centre for their next repair. Can you afford that to happen?


To find out if an authorized Delphi Diesel Centre carried out your injector repair, click here.

Always use an authorized Delphi Diesel Centre to carry out your injector repairs – if you are tempted to use non-genuine repairers to save on costs and boost profit margins, it could mean that you will loose your reputation along the way – a cost no service centre can afford.

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