In order to improve diesel engine performance, reduce emissions, and ensure preventative maintenance of a fuel system, Col Fuel recommends the addition of Delphi Diesel+, an effective fuel system conditioner. When used as part of your service, this small bottle offers big benefits, giving your customers the high performance and low fuel consumption they expect from their diesel engine, and could boost your business with ongoing sales to boot.

How does it work?

Diesel+ works by increasing the fuel’s capability to clean, protect and restore, resulting in enhanced engine performance and lower emissions. Modern diesel has sulphur added to the fuel and this means that its ability to properly clean and lubricate engine components and fuel delivery systems is reduced. However, the addition of a fuel system cleaner such as Diesel+ will ensure that the fuel meets the fine engineering of today’s modern fuel systems, and will please your customers; reduced fuel usage + improved engine performance = happy customers.

The high strength anti-foam formula acts as a fuel delivery system cleaner, lubricating agent, fuel stabiliser, corrosion and Cetane inhibitor, and a demulsifier. One dose of Delphi Diesel+ will treat 50-70 litres of fuel, and will last for up to six months.

Adding Delphi Diesel+ as part of your service will not only add value to your customers’ pocket, it will also add real value to your business.